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IFTA Screening - Tradition

When: September 16th

Venue:Light House Cinema

The Irish Film and Television Academy presents a first-look screening of ‘Tradition’ from writer/director Damian O’Callaghan.

‘Tradition’ tells the story of a Judge, played by Paul Ronan, (Veronica Guerin, The General) who on his last day on the bench, finds himself presiding over the most controversial case that his court and his town has ever seen.

Directed by Damien O’Callaghan, who co-wrote the film alongside Claire Corrigan, Cast on the project includes Paul Ronan, Pascal Scott (‘The Young Offenders’), Brian Harty, and James Daly. The cinematographer on the project is Conor Fleming (‘The Young Offenders’, Poison Pen’) with Declan O’Shea as editor.

The Kerry-based rural comedy, ‘Tradition’ is centred on the controversial decision of a referee in an All-Ireland club championship game. The feature also includes appearances from legendary RTÉ commentator Micheál Ó Muírcheartaigh & Broadcaster Marty Morrissey (‘Dancing with the Stars’), as well as the late comedy legend Brendan Grace.

A Q&A with O’Callaghan and the main cast will follow the screening.