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situations vacant

advance preview screening - introduced by cast and crew


30 November 2009, 8.15pm

Screen Cinema, D'Olier Street, Dublin 2

All seating is unreserved

Contact info:
+ 353 1 6624120

IFTA is delighted to invite Irish Film & Television Academy Members to a pre-release screening of Situations Vacant.

Cast and crew will be in attendance at this screening.

Starring: Diarmuid Noyes, Sam Corry, Shaun Dunne, Mary Murray, Julie O' Halloran, Lorna Dempsey, Maria McDermott Roe and Brendan Conroy


When young Dave Bracken is unleashed on Dublin's employment market with his effervescent imagination, his father's memory and his mother's high hopes, he soon discovers that living the corporate high life by day and loving some gorgeous girl in a penthouse by night is in reality a faraway fantasy.

Then Dave and his best pal Vinny Burke, also jobless and loveless, receive some unorthodox advice from Whack, the barstool sage, and from their friend Tom Farrell, who seems to have it all, except they haven't noticed that having it all is making Tom miserable. Whack's advice is simple. It's his failsafe “two-pint-plan”. Before an interview have 2 pints and then start lying. What have they got to lose? Only the job they didn't have in the first place.

Tom proffers the perfect answer to clinch any interview and armed with their new found wisdom, Vinny and Dave down the pints and swiftly move onto telling lies... big lies, lies that somehow pay off... Suddenly Dave and Vinny are "living the dream". Right up until the first lie starts to unravel, then the next... then the next...

Situations Vacant is a contemporary comedy where three guys have to realise that their happiness depends on living life by their terms and no-one else's.